Concreting in Brisbane

Find the Right Partner for Better Results with Concreting in Brisbane

Whenever you require concreting in Brisbane, experience should play a key role in your choice of a service provider. Concrete is one of the most durable materials around, perfect for foundational slabs, outdoor areas, and even interior floors, but it takes skill to ensure that everything is just as it should be when pouring a new area. At Infinite Concrete, a family-owned contractor fully licensed and accredited, it’s always our mission to leave you with the best results possible.

What Sets Infinite Concrete Apart Among Brisbane Concreting Services?

Why opt to hire our team to work on your project? Answering that question is simple when one considers the unique advantages we bring to the table. Here is how we stand out:

  • Years of experience backing up our team on the job. Our foreman alone has 35 years of on the job experience. Over that time, every possible situation has arisen — so we’re well equipped to deal with even the most challenging scenarios while still producing top quality results.
  • Sensible, competitive price points that leave you satisfied with a value-filled experience. Driveway concreting and other basic projects should not break the bank. Instead, they should be accessible to homeowners like you.
  • Punctual, accurate work done right the first time. We don’t keep you waiting for results and wondering what you’re paying for — we show up, work hard, and finish faster.

From flexible service to clear answers to all your questions, we strive to ensure you know you made the right choice every step of the way.

Related Services We Provide Alongside Concrete Laying in Brisbane

At Infinite Concrete, we do more than merely pour brand new slabs. Our roster of services extends far beyond that simple level of work. We are also happy to provide clients with:

  • Concrete cleaning. Tackle the dirt and grime that accumulates on and discolours your concrete over time. Restore its visual appeal and help to keep it ready to battle the elements.
  • Concrete sealing. Whether you’re creating an indoor space, or you want your outdoor slab to last longer and stand up to heavier use and abuse, our in-depth sealing processes ensure that concrete can better repel contaminants. Find out how you can increase the resiliency of your concrete with our help.
  • Stencilling and more. Want to improve the style and visual appeal of a slab even more? Find out how our stencilling services can allow you to put down all kinds of creative designs with ease.

Don’t Miss the Benefits of Working with Infinite Concrete

Have you ever undertaken a project where you felt as though you spent half of the time in the dark? It’s certainly not conducive to making you feel in control of the outcome. With Infinite Concrete, the combination of our dedicated, attentive, and honest customer service alongside our unfailing work ethic make for the perfect choice to handle your next project. Big or small, we’re ready to take it on — contact us today to learn more.

Reliable and Proficient Concrete Contractor in Brisbane

Infinite Concrete brings you reliable, and quality concreting services from a family owned and operated concrete contractor in Brisbane, who is customer orientated and committed to customer service beyond your expectation. All works are QBCC licensed, giving you peace of mind that we follow correct protocols.

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What You Can Expect From Infinite Concrete Regarding a Concrete Contractor

Mediocrity is not an acceptable word in our vocabulary. Every project we accept must exceed mediocrity and ‘just good enough.’ Exceptional is our entry level standard, and we will pleasantly surprise you by delivering a standard of workmanship which exceeds your expectations.

  • OTIF: We strive to deliver superior concrete services by completing all projects on time, in full (OTIF) and within budget. It is imperative to us, to keep you in the loop regarding progress on your projects. This communication enables you to raise any concerns you may have and allows you to be active in the process.
  • Proficient: Our proficiency extends to all areas such as new builds, concrete maintenance and cleaning in the Brisbane area. Infinite Concrete is an accredited and licenced concreting contractor. We have partnered with the Housing Institute Australia which offers protection to all our clients.
  • Quote: Call us or complete our online form and we will gladly respond within 24 hours whereafter we will provide a free onsite quote in and around Brisbane.

Related Services We Provide to Commercial Concreting

Cleaning and sealing of concrete surfaces ensure the longevity of these surfaces while adding to their natural beauty and purpose.

  • Concrete cleaning: Using pressure cleaners which minimise water usage, enables us to clean grime, mould, mildew and dirt off concrete. This process maintains the value of your premises, sanitises the surface and reduces deterioration of external surfaces.
  • Excavation hire: We are a family owned business that has supplied excavation services to many commercial projects during the past two decades.
  • Concrete sealing: Sealing concrete enhances its beauty and preserves any decorative treatments by protecting the surface from abrasions and stains. Our high-quality concrete sealers are designed to seal a variety of decorative finishes, such as plain, stamped, stencilled or exposed aggregate.
Why Infinite Concrete is Cost Effective

By Australians for Australians, our family owned, and operated operation is driven to complete projects within agreed time frames. Project overruns are one of the largest culprits of projects exceeding the budget. We endeavour to complete the planning phase of a project correctly and detailed, considering all factors and ensuring that when we calculate the expected completion time, it will be a realistic projection of viable performance times. Our capabilities extend to both commercial and residential concreting solutions, which we execute to the highest standard. Our costing methods are exact and enable us to offer extremely competitive, budget efficient prices on all our services.