Concrete Stencilling: Brisbane & Gold Coast

Use Concrete Stencilling for Demarcation or Design Creation

With concrete stencilling, it’s possible to create simple or sophisticated designs varying in size, to add flair to almost any concrete surface. Using stencils also eliminates the need for artistic skills, although this kind of talent will undoubtedly take the design up a notch or two.

What You Can Expect from Infinite Concrete Regarding Concrete Stencilling in The Gold Coast

When stencilling concrete, we use various methods to achieve the finished look, you hope to attain.

  • Stencilling on existing concrete surfaces: As with all things in life, preparation is key. When stencilling existing concrete, it may sometimes be necessary to apply an overlay for best results.
  • Techniques: Various techniques are used, depending on the required result. For example, we can apply colour with chemical stains either before or after removing the stencil. Patterns can be embossed or etched into the concrete.
  • Indoor and outdoor stencilling: Stencilling can be done on freshly placed concrete or existing concrete, although the condition of existing concrete plays a role in determining the suitability of the surface for stencilling.

Tips Regarding Concrete Stencilling in Brisbane

While concrete stencilling adds value to your premises, there are a few tips you can follow to ensure you get optimal results from your concrete stencilling.

  • Clean, prime and seal: Concrete is extremely porous and consequently absorbs grime and chemicals such as cleaning agents and paint. For a successful stencilling experience, we would first clean the area to prepare for stencilling, and next prime and seal the concrete, which will create a smooth surface.
  • Curing: It is essential to let the paint and sealer cure, which may take between 48 and 72 hours, or even longer in cloudy, wet or humid conditions. Allow the surface to cure fully before using it; this will ensure the longevity of the stencilling.
  • Maintain: To keep the stencilling looking good, keep the area clean. If there are damaged areas that, we can touch it up and repaint. There will be a slight discolouration for a short while, but once the area has weathered it will match with the rest of the stencilling.

Why You Should Use Infinite Concrete

We have been around in this industry for a few decades, and our customers know they can rely on us to present them with the best solution for achieving their desired results. As with any other work we do, we provide free onsite quotes with very competitive pricing in and around the Brisbane area.

Being a family owned and operated business affords us the opportunity of delivering quality, professional services, backed by family values and standards. Our customers are central to our success and existence, and receive a level of customer service, second to none.

Go on, give us a call, and let us discuss our stencilling needs. We can advise on the best methods and stencils for the project to ensure your satisfaction with the completed project.