Concrete Resurfacing Brisbane

Breathe New Life into Your Driveway by Resurfacing Your Concrete

Get rid of cracks and stains in your driveway with concrete resurfacing in Brisbane that restores the exterior of your home to pristine condition. Cracks allow weeds to take root and stains make your drive look old. Infinite Concrete offers a variety of services to refresh your concrete surfaces by eliminating unsightly cracks and blemishes while maintaining non-slip properties for safety. Adding a stencil pattern or colour adds interest and enables your home to stand out in the neighbourhood. It also adds value to your home and greets you with a clean finish when you arrive home.

Benefits of Driveway Resurfacing in Brisbane

A cracked driveway provides a place for weeds to take root, making the front of your home look abandoned. Concrete resurfacing fills cracks and leaves a smooth finish impenetrable to unsightly weeds.

  • After filling cracks, applying a thin layer over the old, covers stains from automotive fluids that have leaked over time, leaving you with a new look without the expense of re-pouring the entire surface.
  • As part of the driveway resurfacing process, a sealer is applied to prevent future leaks from staining your concrete. The sealer protects the surface from wear and reduces maintenance costs. It also helps to prevent mould and mildew from deteriorating the concrete for longer.
  • With a clean surface to work with, you can add decorative elements to enhance your home’s kerb appeal further. Stencils add patterns to the concrete surface, adding additional tractio

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Your driveway is the entry to your home that can be an attractive architectural detail. Adding stones, paint or grout brings additional interest to concrete and even adds value to your home.

  • If your entryway needs a good cleaning, we offer pressure cleaning services that remove tough stains, grime, mould and mildew, restoring it to its original beauty. We recommend cleaning before applying a sealant for maximum protection and effectiveness.
  • Interior concrete floors benefit from resealing services as well. High traffic areas and harsh cleaning products wear down sealant over time. We provide sealing and polishing services to maintain the beauty of your indoor flooring.
  • If you want to change the colour of your concrete floor or driveway, we can add colour to the sealant offering you alternatives that accentuate your décor and add interest to any area of your home.

Why You Should Use Infinite Concrete

Our professional team has over two decades of experience with concrete finishing to provide excellent results. Our family owned and operated business delivers high quality concrete services for inside and outside your home. We also offer excavation services to create a new concrete pathway in your garden or increase the size of your driveway.

Give us a call today for a free quote on any of our concrete services from cleaning to resurfacing and sealing. Let us help you get your concrete looking and performing its best both inside and outside your home.